Normally, we only post recipes that include cheese, but this fresh salsa came out so good, we served it with a small cheese plate and deemed it qualified for inclusion… of course, as master of this small universe in the Pacific Northwest, I can pretty much deem whatever I choose…

As you know, The Man has been gardening in earnest this year, starting with his small greenhouse and moving to the great outdoors when the weather permitted. We feared the weather would not deliver bounty but the last few weeks have brought us lots of veggies and herbs for The Lady to use when she cooks.

Today she made a salsa with a peach, not grown in The Garden of The Man, but the rest of the ingredients were “home-grown”:


1 Large, Ripe Peach, Chopped

2 Small Red Tomatoes, Chopped

Handful of Yellow Grape Tomatoes, Chopped

1 Green Bell Pepper, Chopped

1 Jalapeno Pepper, Chopped  – Kitchen Tip: Do NOT scrape the seeds out with your nail; it leaves a lingering burn… just saying…

Fresh Parsley, Chopped

Fresh Mint, Chopped

Salt, to taste

Freshly ground Pepper, to taste

Truvia, to taste


Pick fresh veggies and fruit from garden. Rinse under cold water.

Chop everything and toss together in a bowl.

Sprinkle with salt and truvia – The Lady used ½ tsp of salt and about 1 tsp. of Truvia.

Grind fresh pepper to taste.

Toss again.

Marinate in fridge for an hour before serving.


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Joel and The Lady New Year's Eve 1993

This week is bittersweet for The Lady; it’s all wrapped up in a great sea of emotions. It’s The Masters golf tournament; the first of the majors and by far, her favorite golf tournament of the year. It was also her brother Joel’s favorite golf event. He lived in Georgia all his life where they grew up. The Lady left and moved to California but Masters’ week, they got together, via phone and “watched” The Masters. In 2005, she actually did watch it with him at his home in Atlanta. Sadly, he died in 2006… so you see, this is a bittersweet week for The Lady…

We wrote about golf, tradition and pimento cheese sandwiches in 2009 and you can read that blog by clicking here.

Joel attended The Masters a few times and he loved the pimento cheese sandwiches sold there, wrapped in green waxed paper.

Today’s grilled cheese sandwich is for Joel: The Grilled Pimento Cheese


Good ole Wonder Bread

Golden Glen Creamery Farmstead Butter

Pimento Cheese Spread


For simple instructions on how to assemble a perfect grilled cheese sandwich,please click here.

Also, please visit Golden Glen Creamery by clicking here.

You may recall that in November 2009, I was named Tillamook Cheese Fan of the Month; the first feline to hold that honor. In homage to such a prestigious award, The Lady and I have designed this grilled cheese using our “everyday cheddar”.


Crusty Italian Bread

Golden Glen Creamery Farmstead Butter

Tillamook 2-Year Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar

Tillamook Hot Habanero Jack Cheese

Thinly Sliced Sweet Onion – such as Vidalia or Texas Sweet

Thinly Sliced Tomatoes

Foster Farms’ Oven Roasted Turkey Breast – Deli Slices


For simple instructions on how to assemble a perfect grilled cheese sandwich,please click here.

Also, please visit Golden Glen Creamery by clicking here.


If this cheese isn’t part of the Royal Wedding Cheese Plate, then perhaps The Lady and I should design our own Royal Wedding Cheese Plate with suggestions for Prince William (what’s up with not wanting to wear a wedding ring???) and the lovely soon-to-be Princess Kate… and that’s exactly what we’re going to do… stay tuned… but in the interim, here’s the next grilled cheese choice, with an English twist, as we celebrate “April is Grilled Cheese Month”:



Golden Glen Creamery Farmstead Butter

Neal’s Yard/Appleby’s Cheshire

Cumberland Sausage – sliced length-wise

For simple instructions on how to assemble a perfect grilled cheese sandwich,please click here.

Also, please visit Golden Glen Creamery by clicking here.

The Lady brought home a new (to her kiosk new…) 70% Butterfat Brie from Lactalis of France: Grand Margaux. You can read my review by clicking here.

If you follow our original blog you know that The Lady is involved in a 12-week contest at work to win a one-week trip to France which is sponsored by Lactalis. We are reviewing all the cheeses featured in the contest and this grilled cheese features one of the “Send Marcella to France” contest cheeses…

April 4th Grilled Cheese Special


French Bread

Golden Glen Creamery Farmstead Butter

Lactalis of France’s Grand Margaux Brie

Bonne Maman  Strawberry Preserves

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Today is Jason’s Birthday… Jason is the son of The Lady and The Man and lives with his family in the Upper Midwest. He, too, has an observer… more on this later… in honor of his birthday, we cooked up this grilled cheese for him:


Nine Grain Bread

Golden Glen Creamery Farmstead Butter

Saxon Homestead Saxony Alpine-Style Cheese

Bartlett Pears


For simple instructions on how to assemble a perfect grilled cheese sandwich, please click here.

You can visit Saxon Homestead Cheeses by clicking here.

Also, please visit Golden Glen Creamery by clicking here.

Okay, I get it… some of you have sent notes stating that even though you are smart enough to find my blog and grilled cheese sandwich choices, you aren’t necessarily smart enough to know the ins and outs of building and grilling the sandwich properly.

So here we go, in 10 easy steps:

1. Remember, you want your cheese to be a bit higher proportion than your bread… it’s a grilled cheese; not toast.

2. Pick pan, grill, griddle or panini pan and heat to medium.

3. Assemble your ingredients and prepare them: slicing cutting, etc.

4. Schmear butter or mayo on outside of each slice of bread.

5. Place one slice of bread on heated pan and build sandwich; cheese first and last ingredient. Top with second slice of bread, buttered/mayoed side up.

6. Wait 2 minutes and check underside with a spatula; we’re looking for golden brown, not burned bread.

7. Flip and grill other side which usually takes less time. Cheese should be oozing out the sides…

8. Remove from grill.

9. Eat.

10. Clean-up after yourself.

Ta da… that’s it… now go forth and get more grilled cheese sandwiches…