The Lady decided to do some extension research into what cheeses and foods, in general, might pair well with beer. Through the research, she learned a lot about beer – much she never knew as she is not a beer drinker. As a result, she and The Man went through the beer section at the local discount warehouse today and decided to buy a Samuel Adams “Sample” pack of their spring and summer beers. If she shares with me, I’ll post my own reviews of the beers they brought home…hic…

Style/Flavor Cheese Pairings Food Pairings Cuisine
Abbey Triple Crème Braised Beef; Short Ribs; Liver; Venison; Goose; Lamb; Thai
Altbier“Old Beer” Camembert,Fontina Roast Beef; Burritos; Real Mac n Cheese; Meatloaf; Steak; Burgers; Burritos; Fried Chicken; Steak; Game; Grilled Meat; Smoked Meats; Thai; German 
American AmberLager Parmesan;Cheddar;Jack Jambalaya: Lasagna; Grilled Lamb; Pizza; Steak; Burgers; Fried Calamari; Roasted; BBQ Chicken; Chicken; Fried Chicken; Gumbo; Pizza; Thai; South American;
Barley Wine Blue, Sharp Cheddar, Limburger; Gorgonzola; Blues; Sharp Cheddar; Chocolate Cake
Biere de Garde Asiago, Colby, Parmesan, Edam, Feta; Brick Fish,Shellfish; Roasted Chicken; Lamb; Ostrich; Bouillabaisse; Salad; Shellfish; Indian; Middle Eastern
Bitter Red Leicester Meatloaf; Steak; Roast Beef; Roasted Chicken;
Bock Camembert;Fontina; Gruyere; Emmenthal; Roasted Chicken; Chocolate; Game; German
Brown Ale Camembert;Fontina; Asiago, Colby, Parmesan, Gloucester; Aged Gouda; Cheshire Venison; Pork; Grilled Lamb; Meatloaf; Burgers; Burritos; Roasted Chicken; Fried Chicken; BBQ Chicken; Chili; Gumbo; Beef Stew; Baked Ham; Steak; Chocolate; Beef; Pork; Cajun; BBQ
Doppelbock Brie; Gouda; Havarti; Swiss; Camembert; Fontina; Limburger Venison; Bacon with Savory Dishes; Goose; Prosciutto; Serrano; Bayonne; Salads with Blue Cheese; Chocolate; Game; German
Dortmunder Export Brie; Gouda; Havarti; Swiss; Ostrich; Fish; Gumbo; Baked Ham; Prosciutto; Serrano; Bayonne; Smoked Salmon; Poultry; Shellfish; Indian; German
Dubbel Brie; Gouda; Havarti; Swiss; Limburger; Gorgonzola;Morbier Braised Beef; Short Ribs; Liver; Bacon with Savory Dishes; Roasted Chicken; Goose; Steak; Chocolate; Beef;
Dunkle/Dunkles Asiago, Colby, Parmesan, Venison; Veal; Real Mac n Cheese; Meatloaf; Roasted Chicken; Salmon; Cajun; Chinese; Indian; German
ESB – Extra Special Bitter Brie; Gouda; Havarti; Swiss; Asiago, Colby, Parmesan, Brick; Edam; Feta; Game; Pork; Cajun-Style Shellfish
Gueuze Brie; Gouda; Havarti; Swiss; Limburger; Gorgonzola; Blues; Sharp Cheddar; Oysters; Smoked Salmon;
Hefeweizen Brick; Edam; Feta; Chevre; Boursin Spreads Salad; Fish; Poultry; Shellfish; Eggs Benedict; Cheese Omelets; German
Helles Brie; Gouda; Havarti; Swiss; Veal; Lobster; Ostrich; Fried Calamari; Chowder; Clams; Crab; Eggs; Baked Ham; Prosciutto; Serrano; Bayonne; Oysters; Salad; Pork; Indian; German
Imperial Stout Aged Gouda; Parmesan; Cheddar Ice Cream; Apple Pie; Brownies; Cheesecake; Chocolate; Pecan Pie; Beef; Grilled Meat;
IPA – India Pale Ale Asiago, Colby, Parmesan, Monterey; Pepper Jack; Limburger; Gorgonzola; Blues; Sharp Cheddar; Brick; Edam; Feta Jambalaya; Avocado; Burgers; Chili; Gumbo; Salmon; Salad; Fish; Game; Grilled Meat; Poultry; Shellfish; Indian; Thai; BBQ;
Kölsch Monterey Jack; Brick Fried Calamari; Bratwurst; Fish; Chowder; Clams; Eggs; Oysters; Salads; Pork; Shellfish; German
Lambic Limburger; Gorgonzola; Blues; Sharp Cheddar; Salad;
Marzenbier/Oktoberfest Pepper Jack; Swiss; Emmenthal; Gruyere; Pepper Jack Real Mac n Cheese; Meatloaf; Roasted Chicken; Baked Ham; Pizza; German
Old Ale Brie; Gouda; Havarti; Swiss; Venison; Roasted Lamb;
Oud Bruin – “Old Brown” Camembert; Fontina Chocolate; Grilled Meat;
Pale Ale Camembert; Fontina; Monterey; Pepper Jack; Blues; Sharp Cheddar; Brick; Feta; Edam; Parmesan; Romano; Jambalaya; Lasagna; Real Mac n Cheese; Meatloaf; Avocado;  Poultry; Steak; Roast Beef; Fish; Burritos; Burgers; Game; Fried Calamari; Roasted Chicken; Crab; Gumbo; Pizza; Salad; Shellfish; Cajun; Thai; Indian; Middle Eastern
Pilsner Monterey; Pepper Jack; Blues; Sharp Cheddar; American Cheese (which is NOT really cheese); Muenster; Havarti; Jambalaya; Lobster; Bass (Fish); Fried Calamari; Chowder; Clams; Baked Ham; Fish; Oysters; Salmon; Smoked Salmon; Grilled Meat; Poultry; Indian; Thai; German
Porter Gruyere Venison; Meatloaf; Brownies; Cheesecake; BBQ Chicken; Chocolate; Goose; Prosciutto; Shellfish; Serrano; Bayonne; Pecan Pie; Steak; Beef; Grilled Meat; Smoked Meats; BBQ; South American
Rauchbier “Smoked Beer” Monterey; Pepper Jack; Blues; Sharp Cheddar; Venison; Buffalo; Burritos; BBQ Chicken; Game; Chili; Grilled Meat; Smoked Salmon; Beef; Smoked Meats; Chinese; BBQ; German
Saison Camembert; Fontina; Asiago, Colby, Parmesan, Limburger; Gorgonzola; Veal;  Fish; Jambalaya; Fried Calamari; Salmon; Smoked Salmon; Smoked Trout; Salad; Poultry; Shellfish; Indian; Cajun; Thai
Schwarzbier – “Black Beer” Muenster Jambalaya; Grilled ; Bacon with Savory Dishes; Lamb; Burgers; Prosciutto; Serrano; Bayonne; Cajun; German
Scotch Ale Brie; Gouda; Havarti; Swiss; Myzithra; Idiazabal Venison; Roasted Lamb; Salmon; Smoked Meats
Stout Dubliner; Cahill’s Original Irish Porter Cheese Jambalaya; Grilled Lamb; Lobster; Pork; Grilled Meat; Cheesecake; Chili; Chocolate; Baked Ham; Prosciutto; Serrano; Bayonne; Oysters; Pecan Pie; Shellfish; Smoked Meats; BBQ; South American
Trappist Triple Creme Braised Beef; Short Ribs;Liver; Venison; Goose; Lamb
Tripel Limburger; Gorgonzola; Blues; Sharp Cheddar; Ostrich; Bouillabaisse; Baked Ham; Pork; Poultry; Mediterranean
Vienna Style Pepper Jack Pork; Poultry; German, South American
Weissel/Weissbier Blues; Sharp Cheddar; Brick; Edam; Feta; Lobster; Bacon and Eggs; Bass (Fish); Chowder; Crab; Eggs; Salads; Salmon; Smoked Salmon; Trout; Chinese; Thai
Weissbock Humboldt Fog Veal; Goose; Gumbo; Prosciutto; Serrano; Bayonne; Trout; Grilled Meat; Chinese; German
Witbier Monterey; Pepper Jack; Brick; Edam; Feta; Chevre; Mascarpone Lobster; Bacon and Eggs; Bass (Fish); Chowder; Crab; Eggs; Salads; Fish; Salmon; Smoked Salmon; Poultry; Shellfish;



Pairing Tips:

  • The more hop bitterness the beer has, the heartier or livelier the meal needs to be to hold its own. Don’t overwhelm your palate or meal and ruin what the chef was trying to achieve.
  • Another general rule is keep sweet with sweet, and tart with tart. Try to keep your beer sweeter or tarter than the sweet or tart food on the plate. There are exceptions, like pairing drier robust beers with sweet chocolates.
  • Throw all of the rules out the window and experiment with contrasting and complimentary pairings. Match foods with complimentary flavors, or try contrasting them and create a slew of unique results.
  • For those of you who are bound to the wine pairing school of thought, think of ale as red wine and lager as white wine. Hoppy beers can also be used in place of a pairing that calls for an acidic wine. Though it honestly doesn’t matter, these tips might help you to convert your taste buds over to beer—or those of a friend—over to beer.
  • Taste is very subjective and what works for one person might not work for another. If it tastes good to you, then go for it. However, also be open to suggestions, as these tend to come with some knowledge and possible palate enlightenment.


The Brewmaster’s Table by Garrett Oliver


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  1. Hello there, I really enjoyed this post. I’m opening up a site and began to create rather diverse articles for it. Would you mind if I blog something about this? I will of course give you and this post due acknowledgment and place a link to this page , thank you.

    • cheesemonger Says:

      Dorren, by all means blog about us – as long as you give us credit and link us. I’ve checked out your apple site and will add it to my blog roll – hope you’ll do the same with both our blogs. Thanks. SG and The Lady

  2. Thanks a lot! I’ve been looking for more good recipes

  3. Antoher nice post. I am pleased I returned once more. Much appreciated

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