Ilchester Smoked Applewood Pimento Cheese

March 19, 2010

Let me start by reminding all of my faithful fans that The Lady’s heart lies squarely in the South and even though she has lived on the Left Coast for more than 35 years (sheesh, that’s 245 feline years; Geoff is right…she is old…) when asked where she is from, she always replies, “The South”. Therefore, some of what I will be reporting here must be discounted strictly because she is a “Southerner”…

The kiosk where The Lady works has a special promotion going now on Ilchester Smoked Applewood Cheddar and The Lady brought a large wedge to the manse for The Man and your favorite Feline Foodie (that would be me) to snack upon. However, even with some heavy snacking, there was enough left for The Lady to decide to use in her mom’s World-Class Pimento Cheese Recipe along with the requisite Vintage White Extra Sharp Tillamook Cheddar.

Her recipe consisted of half Applewood Cheddar and half Tillamook Cheddar, a jar of roasted pimentos and a large dollop of mayo. (Remember, she hardly ever measures ingredients, instead relying on her taste buds…) She blended it all and served it on Dave’s Killer Bread.

The Man declared it a winner; The Lady deemed it good but being a Southern Purist, she was a bit disappointed by the smokey flavor the Applewood added.

But, eat it she will and before it could ever dream of molding, it’s a safe bet  it will gone…


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