Tillamook 100th Anniversary Pimento Cheese Spread

July 27, 2009


Pimento Cheese Spread

Pimento Cheese Spread


(I designed this recipe to celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of our store and the introduction of the Tillamook 100 Year anniversary Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar to our Cheese Kiosk. We will be sampling the cheese the weekend of July 31-August 2 at the kiosk using a 40 pound block.)

It’s a Southern “thing” and hard to find in the Pacific Northwest…solution…make your own:


Tillamook Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar

Tillamook Medium Cheddar


Jar of Pimento Peppers with juice (roasted red peppers work well, also)

Freshly ground Pepper to taste


Use equal parts of Tillamook 100th Anniversary Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar and Medium Cheddar Cheeses. Cube the cheese.

Take a dollop of mayo and put in your food processor. Set on a low setting and begin processing.

Add one jar of pimentos, including the juice, to your food processor.

Add one third of the cheese and continue processing.

As the cheese is incorporated and the mixture becomes creamy, gradually add the remaining cheese. Once cheese, mayo and pimento and incorporated and creamy, you may need to add a little more mayo to get the desired creaminess.

Add black pepper to taste.

You can get creative and add other herbs and spices; but you can’t beat the basic pimento cheese.


9 Responses to “Tillamook 100th Anniversary Pimento Cheese Spread”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Marcella – This is amazing!! Great job and looking forward to the re-grand.
    Good Luck and thanks again for supporting the #1 cheese in the NW.

    Cindy 🙂

    • cheesemonger Says:

      Aw shucks, it’s easy to be “amazing” with such wondeful cheese!! Excited about “the big show” this weekend. Relaxing today to get my strength built back up to make it to Sunday.

  2. AmandaonMaui Says:

    I’ve just been explaining Pimento Cheese to the “yankees” in Hawaii. They are also unfamiliar with Pepper Sauce (hot peppers in boiled vinegar).

    I should definitely make this after I go to Costco. That’s where I get my Tillamook fix.

    • cheesemonger Says:

      Pimento Cheese is a tradition around here especially during The Masters Golf Tournament every year…

  3. I’m sure I hardly need tell you that one of your recipes has once again graced our Fan Club site. You seem totally on top of such things. But, just in case, this yummy pimento spread is our Post of the Day today.
    Thanks once again! We’re thinking of putting you on the pay roll. 😉
    Jake Ten Pas
    Tillamook Cheese Fan Club

    • cheesemonger Says:

      The Lady tells me that this recipe is also the “featured recipe” of the week on her whiteboard in the cheese kiosk. Over last weekend, she sold more than 65 pounds of the 3 year Anniversary Vintage Cheddar during the grand re-opening celebration – woohoo!!

      As for the payroll bit…just send cheese…

  4. Judith Bennett Says:

    It is also good to add a little onion and green stuffed olives to the pimento and cheese.

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