The “To Die for Happily” Grilled Cheese Sandwich

May 25, 2009

As you know when in Wisconsin The Lady went to the US Mecca for Burrata, The BelGioioso Chase Plant. After touring the plant, Gaetano and his team treated the group to lunch which, of course, started with a cheese plate. That plate included the manna-from-cheese-heaven, Burrata.

Burrata is a decadent little pouch of fresh mozzarella with a cream center tucked inside.

Because it is difficult to find locally The Lady had to order it online and the air shipping exceeded the cost of the cheese, which is not a cut-rate to start. But,…

She and The Man enjoyed it with endive; simple and scrumptious (with homage to The Lady’s mother who loves that word).

Then she treated The Man and her favorite feline foodie (that would be me) to a grilled cheese sandwich that can only be described as “To Die for Happily”:


Focaccia Bread – split open

Jamon Iberico aka pata negra (The Lady found it for $110.00 a pound at the upscale Irvington neighborhood’s Foster and Dobbs – she didn’t buy a whole pound…boo hoo). This is a cured ham from Spain that must be 75% Iberico Black Pig to obtain the Spanish DO certification. These pigs once weaned are allowed to roam free and dine on the foliage and acorns found in the oak groves of Southwestern Spain. As slaughtering time nears, the best are further fattened on a diet exclusively of the acorns. *

BelGioioso Burrata

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Still waiting to learn how it can be “extra”)

Preparation: Pre-heat your Panini pan or griddle.

Brush the EVOO to the outsides of the Focaccia Bread.

Place a couple of slices of the Burrata on the bottom half of the bread.

Top with a couple slices of Jamon Iberico.

Top with the other half of the bread.

Grill until golden brown on the outside and the Burrata is just oozy.

Serve to your favorite feline foodie…

*You can substitute Jamon Serrano, Pancetta or Proscuitto if you prefer instead of Jamon Iberico.


One Response to “The “To Die for Happily” Grilled Cheese Sandwich”

  1. sandy Says:

    OMG, I didn’t know there was another foodie in Portland with such an appetite for the simple but scrumptious! Cheese is truly one of life’s great pleasures.

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