Mac n Cheese Recipe – We’ll Call This One – #1

May 5, 2009

The Lady has been on a lifelong quest for the perfect mac n cheese. She plays around with mac n cheese, using various cheeses that are in the fridge, when the mood strikes.

She rarely measures when she cooks – if she wanted to be precise in the kitchen, she’d be a baker…

Here is a recent mac n cheese recipe:

She prepared the pasta, whole wheat, in a combination of chicken broth, water and salt. Then she poured it into a rectangular glass dish (after draining it – she did NOT rinse it).

 She made a béchamel sauce using butter, whole wheat flour and no fat half n half. Into the béchamel sauce she added equal parts of cubed Gruyere (from the Cheese Kiosk), Tillamook Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar (from the regular cheese section of the store) and Singleton’s Mild White Cheddar (from the cheese island). She added garlic, onions, nutmeg and black pepper.

 When the cheese was melted and the sauce was creamy, she poured it over the pasta and mixed it all together. On top she added some whole wheat cracker crumbs and placed the dish under the broiler just until the bread crumbs turned dark brown. She then turned the broiler off and left the mac n cheese in the oven for 5 minutes to make sure it was warmed and bubbly.

 Then she served The Man and The Cat.

Bellissimo…sometimes her creations are not so bellissimo…


2 Responses to “Mac n Cheese Recipe – We’ll Call This One – #1”

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